Social Computing at Drexel

The Social Computing Group at Drexel is an interdisciplinary group of researchers who study and design technologies that mediate human collaboration, communication, and learning.


Social computing systems include social media and other systems that connect people. Important aspects of design include not only communication and interface features that surface socially relevant information, but also underlying computational features that shape social interaction like recommendation and reputation systems.


Meen Chul Kim successfully defended his dissertation on Exploring Methods to Assess Learning through Analysis of HTML and CSS! Congrats to Dr. Kim!

PhD student Houda El mimouni not only received a 2020 Computing Innovation Fellowship, but also the 2020 Eugene Garfield Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship! Fabulous work, Houda!

One of Nora's papers from her dissertation, The Politics of Privacy Theories: Moving from Norms to Vulnerabilities, co-authored with Andrea, won honorable mention at CHI 2020!

Nora McDonald's first-authored paper  Reliability and Inter-rater Reliability in Qualitative Research: Norms and Guidelines for CSCW and HCI Practice with Andrea and Sarita Schoenebeck of University of Michigan won honorable mention at CSCW 2019!

A special shout out to Drexel undergrad researchers Stephanie Bankes and Joseph Zhang, who coauthored a CSCW 2019 paper led by University of Washington PhD student Kaylea Champion:
Kaylea Champion, Nora McDonald, Stephanie Bankes, Joseph Zhang, Rachel Greenstadt, Andrea Forte, and Benjamin Mako Hill: A Forensic Qualitative Analysis of Contributions to Wikipedia from Anonymity-Seeking Users.


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