Social Computing at Drexel

The Social Computing Group at Drexel is an interdisciplinary group of researchers who study and design technologies that mediate human collaboration, communication, and learning.


Social computing systems include social media and other systems that connect people. Important aspects of design include not only communication and interface features that surface socially relevant information, but also underlying computational features that shape social interaction like recommendation and reputation systems.

Congratulations to PhD student Meen Chul Kim, who was awarded the 2019 College of Computing and Informatics PhD Research Excellence award!

We're all excited that PhD student Houda El mimouni is joining the Social Computing Group! Houda will be researching the use of telepresence robots with a focus on values and privacy and will contribute to ongoing work on the use of privacy enhancing technologies.

Social Computing Group Alumna Naz Andalibi has accepted a position as assistant professor at the University of Michigan School of Information starting in Fall 2019! Congrats, Naz!

Nora McDonald will be presenting a full paper at CHI 2019 in Glasgow, Scotland, coauthored with Rachel Greenstadt, Mako Hill, and Andrea Forte: Privacy, Anonymity, and Perceived Risk in Open Collaboration: A Study of Service Providers.

PhD student Meen Chul Kim had a paper accepted to SIGCSE 2019 in collaboration with Ruixue Liu, Thomas Park, and Andrea Forte on his dissertation pilot study: Understanding Learning Curves and Trajectories in CSS Layout.

Director Andrea Forte is the new Chair-elect of the ACM SIGCHI CSCW community steering committee.

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